AI Powered Decisions

Our solution is based on machine learning and self-learning enrichment of knowledge base. Decisions taken during the process will be analyzed by machine learning and a knowledge base will be created to suggest future decisions. This also helps to restrict diversion of decision-making, thereby paving way to make quality decisions. 

Identify hidden revenue with artificial intelligence

cmPlify team did their research on data mining support environment and used the data mining task for analytics and prediction. Product selects the regression analysis as a representative for statistical approaches and a back propagation network as a representative for neutral approaches. 

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Fast-Track sales with AI

Old analytics model states that a database of several millions of past cases is the only reliable source of information about costs and prediction. In addition to this, various unfavorable conditions are to be included in the failure distribution parameterization to capture different failure intensities across different countries.

We did a study on warning or detection degree of warranty claims data using neural network learning. We designed an early warning system, which protects both manufacturers and consumers by giving a “prior warning” abut abnormal trends and helps in estimation by monitoring various data. 

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Accelerate critical Decisions  with aI

We suggest that different tools are appropriate for modeling a suitable fuzzy method to handle vague data. Our product proposes a fuzzy deduction method for the analysis of multidimensional data based on age, usage, road conditions, geographical and weather conditions. Fuzzy rules system is formulated as IF-THEN statements, with one or more antecedents, which are connected to a consequent via operators like AND, OR, etc. 

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