Mobile Apps

Pi Platform Intelligence enabled and embedded in Mobile apps give users can access all key information  across several mobile platforms, frameworks and environments. 


Update correct Product and Customer Information

Mobile applications enabled by the Pi Platform ensures that correct information is captured and updated to the  main database in real time for immediate access. Field service technicians can visit the customer site and capture customer information, such as customer address, contact information, usage details and service information accurately.

Time Saving

If any issues arise, field technicians can visit the customer’s site to check equipment, perform quick fixes and notify the problem directly to field service management from the mobile version. The customer support team can start working on the issues immediately without any further delay.  

Improved Process

Mobile solutions help in reducing paperwork. Any kind of manual process is error prone and there’s a possibility that valuable data could go missing, while manual documentation. Mobile solutions help in avoiding duplicate entries and there is a minimal possibility that any important data could go missing, since everything is maintained electronically. Also, regular reminders can be sent to dealers, contractors and field inspectors and keep them updated.

Real-Time Information

Availability of real time information is the key behind entire automation. Solutions built on the Pi Platform are built to transmit fast and real time information to all stakeholders, which helps in managing any process from any location. As an example, This helps in reducing fraudulent claims, parts and service costs. It also helps to identify failures early on, which facilitates the increase of warranty cost savings later. 

Increased Productivity

Mobility solutions enabled by the Pi Platform allow employees to contribute to the business process even when physically not present in office. This increases productivity of all employees.