Enable an Intelligent Enterprise

Encompasses all the key digital drivers you’ll ever need for enterprise intelligence such as AI, ML and predictive analytics enabled tools. 

Operational Efficiency

Solve your critical business problems, with our purpose-built ML algorithms and realize cost savings at every step.

Increases Brand Loyalty & Revenue

Customers are your brand advocates. Understand their buying choices, their  behavior, build reusable behavior algorithms & mitigate service-based risks. 

Digitize your enterprise

Paskon's proprietary Pi platform is a fully scalable AI and Machine Learning platform that integrates your enterprise tools, processes and apps to an agile AI-framework.  Using this adept tool, you can enable a digital enterprise, no matter which industry segment you operate.  Enhance your  end-customer satisfaction, reduce cycle times, identify fraudulent transactions, recover supplier warranty costs and stay ahead of your competitors. 

  • Real-time, intuitive and visually rich data anytime on any device
  • A cloud-based solution that integrates with your existing web apps
  • Reporting tools powered by Business-Intelligence (BI) for quick decisions
  • Outcome-defined workflows to help you track and measure key KPIs

AI Powered

Automate Customer Sentiment Management, detect fraud, increase process efficiency and reduce operational costs with our AI-powered tools. 

User Experience

Delight your customers with AI/ML enabled processes  that enables a friction-less Customer Experience  journey across your entire enterprise supply chain and partners.

Chat Bots & Virtual Assistance

Acquire key customer data and personalize your users’ experience with AI-powered chat bots and virtual assistants, providing 24/7 assistance to the customers.

uncover supply chain redundancies through data assets

By focusing on critical Warranty & Claims data, cmPlify can help you detect early warning signs and failure modes through a reliability analysis model. The dashboards provide in-depth insights for stakeholders at all levels. 

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Accelerate Output with our Pi Platform

All solutions, products and services built on the PI platform - a robust proprietary AI/ML are customized to suit each customer's business challenges, long term goals and budget constraints.  The platform enables an easy integration with several front-end and back-end systems such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Google and AWS  and can be implemented with high velocity using the Pi agile methodology to achieve a faster return on investment.

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Our Products, Solutions and Use Cases

All AI/ML models, solutions, and  Products are built on the Paskon Intelligence (Pi) Platform.  This innovative platform and its products are the genesis of harnessing decades of industry experiences and implementing solutions across the globe in a diverse set of industries by a team of industry and technology experts. 


Claims and Warranty Management

Paskon's warranty solution is built on SAP HANA. You can now draw deeper insights using predictive analytics from both structured and unstructured data.

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Customer Service  Management 

Paskon's  Customer Service Management solution provides an agile framework  to integrate the entire Customer Service including warranty supply chains. 

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Field Service Management 

With Paskon's Field Service Management, you now have access to all the information you need to manage your ground staff and the associated customer issues effectively.

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Pi Insights

Paskon's Pi Insights provides intelligent and context-sensitive data and predictive dashboard analytics that enables fast and accurate decision-making for immediate and tangible results. 

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Asset      Management 

With Paskon's Asset tracking and Management you can now track, transfer and manage all your assets under one centralized tool 

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Extended Warranty 

With increased insights from Paskon's Extended Warranty, Contract Management providers can facilitate better plans and increase attach rates 

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Market Intelligence

Our AI/ML solutions enabled by our Pi Platform enables you  to not only understand market sentiments but also turn those insights into action

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Business Challenges

We have listed some of the most unique business challenges revealed by our clients and the capacity to which our support helped them overcome those challenges. 

Our Solutions


Paskon's well-experienced Solution Architects with decades of experience in various industries and Business Intelligence (BI) tools have created specific solutions tailor made to your industry and will help you create blueprints for different business requirements of your organizations. Our global delivery teams will also ensure flawless, on-budget and on-time end-to-end implementations  that meets the needs of all stakeholders in your organization

Consumer Technology
Industrial Equipment
Medical Technology
Oil and Gas


Paskon has been able to turnaround our Claims Management system by understanding our needsThey are timely, efficient and use best practices in their development work. They moved our project along quickly and kept us agile enough to be competitive. I would recommend them to anyone.


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