Simplify Migration to Cloud with

Paskon's Cloud Services

Paskon’s cloud services provide managed services with real time, secure and customized solutions that align with your business. The cloud architectures, built using an agile framework, make the migration of right workloads easier and securely integrate with your entire network. 

Experience the power of

Paskon's Cloud Services

1) Rapid sign up and access to cloud based products

2) Data is accessible from anywhere and any time

3) Reliable business continuity plan 

4) Scalable and expandable

5) Data security

6) Savings on equipment

7) Pay structure

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Business Challenges Encountered 

1) Getting things right proactively 

2) Lack of insight for root cause analysis

3) Absence of real time analytics

4) Data across disparate systems

5) Lack of early warning signals

6) Inefficient recall management 

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Modernize Legacy Systems with Paskon's Cloud Services

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular cloud service architecture.

2) Integrated with ERP, CRM and unstructured data feeds

3) Improved customer loyalty, product quality and brand image

4) Early detection of parts-failures with an increase in bottom line results

5) Streamlined work

6) Manages underlying infrastructure, enabling organizations to focus on cloud-based application development 

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