Enhance Software Development with

Paskon's DevOps & Testing Services

Paskon's DevOps is based on Pi agile framework, It delivers a wide range of real, quantifiable and high-quality software into the hands of customers.

Paskon's DevOps and testing services aim to integrate all the software functions, from development to operations, within the same cycle. 

Automate Deployment with Paskon's DevOps and Testing

Continuous software delivery
Faster and quicker deployment of new systems and apps 
Agility is the key, Manage with less complexity 
Continuous service delivery 
Bid adieu to defects

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Business Challenges Encountered 

1) Transformation is the workplace culture

2) Surrendering legacy systems

3) Improving support for complex apps.

4) Resistance to change

5) Integrating tools of different domains

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Accelerate Development with DevOps and Testing Services

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture.

2) Proper guidance

3) Improved collaboration leads to increased productivity for DevOps teams

4) Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports.

5) Providing an enterprise-level framework 

6) Analytics

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