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Paskon's Pi Platform enabled Software and Solutions provides

Real-time, intuitive and visually rich data anytime on any device

A cloud-based solution that integrates with your existing web apps

Reporting tools powered by Business-Intelligence (BI) for quick decisions

Outcome-defined workflows to help you track and measure key KPIs

Enables mobile digital apps for on demand anywhere access to process execution and information

Our Products

Our AI/ML platform integrates with your enterprise tools, processes and apps using our agile AI framework and methodology.  Using our adept platform, tools and methodology, you can enable a digital enterprise, no matter which industry segment you operate, enhance you end-customer satisfaction, reduce cycle times, identify fraudulent transactions, reduce redundant costs and stay ahead of your competitors

 Paskon’s AI/ML (Pi) Platform enabled solutions and services provides you with a fully scalable AI and Machine Learning platform to digitize the enterprise, for specific use cases and needs such as:

Claims and Warranty Management

With our warranty solution, built on our Pi Platform you can now draw deeper insights using predictive analytics from both structured and unstructured data.

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Customer Service  Management 

Our Customer Service Management provides an agile framework  to integrate the entire Customer Service including warranty supply chains. 

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Field Service Management 

With our Field Service Management  solutions you now have access to all the information you need to manage your ground staff and the associated customer issues effectively.

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Pi Insights

Pi Insights provides flexible and predictive dashboard analytics that enables fast and accurate decision-making for immediate and tangible results

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Asset      Management 

With Paskon's Asset tracking and Management you can now track, transfer and manage all your assets under one centralized tool  

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Paskon Extended Warranty 

With increased insights from Extended Warranty, Contract  providers can facilitate better plans and increase attach rates 

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Market Intelligence

Our AI/ML solutions enabled by our Pi Platform enables you  to not only understand market sentiments but also turn those insights into action

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