Pi Claims & Warranty Management

Over the past years, manufacturers are awash in data and are looking for ways to unlock the value of their data to drive better efficiency and productivity.  

Pi Platform is fully scalable and modular in its architecture, using an agile framework to integrate your entire Supply Chain Systems. Use our real-time, intuitive dashboards and cutting edge reporting tools for enhanced forecasting and improving your organization's overall efficiency.

Pi Warranty is built on the Pi Platform that now allows you to draw deeper insights using predictive analytics from both structured and unstructured data. 

 Business Challenges

  • Rising warranty costs

  • Large claim volumes & processing costs

  • Returns to OEM and Cost recovery

  • Lack of insight into root cause analysis

  • Lack of real time analytics data across disparate systems

  • Lack of early warning signals

  • Inefficient recall management

  • Duplicate and fraudulent claims.
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Designed keeping your requirements in mind

  • Easy to use, scalable and module solution architecture

  • Provides flexible, predictive and customizable dashboard analytics

  • Integrates with the entire warranty supply chain

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Designed by Industry's best process champions and thought leaders 

  • Specialized solutions focusing on Big Data and Analytics that is built on SAP HANA for fast and accurate decision making  

  • Integrated with ERP, CRM, social media and unstructured data feeds for a quick feedback process

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