Pi Asset Management Analytics

The global asset management industry has been steadily expanding and witnessing transformations brought by the recent fundamental shift in technology and global finance.  Pi Asset Management Analytics can be instrumental in reforming functioning of some of the dimensions of this industry. 


1) Strategic decisions

2) Operational/delivery decisions

3) Client profiling

4) Product recommendations

5) Customer churn

6) Improving productivity through precision targeting

7) Enhancing performance management

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Business Challenges

1) Risk complexity and market volatility

2) Choosing the right assets

3) Reducing down time and keeping assets available

4) Replacing your assets

5) Understanding your costs

6) Operational efficiencies for outsourcing, offshoring, service model requirements and governance models 

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Solution Overview

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture.

2) Developed by automotive industry experts.

3) Integrated with ERP,CRM and unstructured data feeds

4) Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports.

5) Financial reporting of assets and depreciation

6) Tax reporting of assets and depreciation

7) Warranty, AMC, service and claim details

8) Insurance: sum assured, premium, due, workflow

9) Claim details

10) Assets – complete history

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