Pi Customer Service Analytics

Pi Customer Service Analytics is a scalable and modular solution providing an agile framework to facilitate service level analytics. Pi customer service analytics solution provides flexible and predictive dashboard analytics that enables fast and accurate decision-making for immediate tangible results. 


1) Support customers with information and technical solutions related to products

2) Manage notifications of malfunctions in machines, equipment and spare parts

3) Have the traceability of calls and their outcomes, by item and/or customer

4) Schedule activities according to operators and spare parts

5) Create a checklist of problems and solutions

6) Analyze costs and final balance by product and/or customer

7) Digitalize activity reports

8) Check invoices related to the delivered service as well as warranties

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Business Challenges

1) Traceability of service notifications, spare parts consumption and availability.

2) Traceability of delays.

3) Traceability of defective components.

4) Lack of insight for root cause analysis.

5) Lack of early warning signals

6) Lack of financial control. 

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Solution Overview

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture

2) Integrates the entire customer service supply chain

3) Developed by automotive industry experts

4) Integrated with ERP,CRM and unstructured data feeds

5) Ready to use customizable dash boards and reports

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