Pi Field Service Analytics

Effective tracking and monitoring of field service staff is still an unfinished journey. Mismanagement of field service staff increases the chance of missing customers. These mistakes can prove expensive. They can be avoided by using Pi Field Service Analytics. 


1) Analytics on service time of field service staff.

2) Through service and claim details.

3) Service reports and analytics

4) Time reports

5) Claims reports

6) Complete service history of customer

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Business Challenges

1) Management of field service staff scheduling, routes and time.

2) Efficient control on assigning service order and resolution of issues.

3) Better customer service helps in retaining and growth.

4) Better visibility and monitoring of the entire field service staff

5) Integration with warranty claims

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Solution Overview

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture

2) Integrates the entire warranty, service and claim modules

3) Delivered on SAP HANA platform with reports and analytics

4) Integrated with mail and document management system

5) Ready-to-use customizable dash boards and reports

6) Developed by industry experts

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