cmPlify Extended Warranty

Contract Management

Despite investing in ERP and so many other warranty solutions, effective management of extended warranty is still an unfinished journey. The market for extended warranty is complex when compared to standard warranties. The complexities involved in handling extended warranties often lead to issues directly affecting business revenues and end user satisfaction. 

With cmPlify’s Extended Warranty Contract Management (cEWCM), reach out to your existing customers in any industry, e.g., automotive and consumer durables. Extended Warranty Contract Management solution provides an agile framework to integrate the entire warranty management along with all operational and analytical information. 

Reporting & Analytics

  • Report on extended warranty claims and costs.
  • Service and claim details.
  • Service reports and analytics
  • Claims report.
  • Complete service history of customer

Business Challenges

  • Management of extended warranty policy

  • Controlling costs and fraudulent claims

  • Customer retention

  • Visibility and monitoring of claims

  • Profitability analysis.

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Designed Keeping Your Requirements In Mind

  • Easy-to-use, scalable and modular solution architecture
  • Integrates the entire warranty, service and claim modules
  • Delivered on SAP HANA platform with reports and analytics
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Designed By Industry's Best Process Champions And Thought Leaders

  • Integrated with mail and document management system

  • Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports

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Process Flow

  • Extended warranty policy administration
  • Creation of service notification
  • Check detailed history of service extended 
  • Check extended warranty validation
  • Creation of service order
  • Assign service order to service team
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Process Flow

  • Extension of service and parts

  • Confirmation of service

  • Billing of service

  • Creation of warranty claim

  • Confirmation of claim approval

  • Reporting on extended warranty

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