Increase Engagement Through

Paskon's Customer Service Center

Paskon's customer service analytics provides the metrics that help you establish benchmarks to quantify the impacts your initiatives have on your customers. Our flexible predictive analytics dashboard enables fast and accurate decision-making for immediate and tangible results. 

Create a Strong Brand with Customer Service Analytics

1) Support customers with information and technical services 

2) Manage complaints of malfunctions in machines, equipment and spare parts

3) Increases the value of your products and your company

4) Improves loyalty, work environment and productivity

5) Enhance the operation of the company

6) Digitize activity reports

7) Check invoices related to the delivered service as well as warranties

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Business Challenges Encountered

1) Keeping track of all customer emails and requests.

2) Lack of automation, measurement and reporting on your service efforts.

3) Lack of response to every customer request with an automated response

4) Routing customer requests to the right person the first time

5) Trace-ability of delays and defective components.

6) Lack of insight for root cause analysis.

7) Lack of early warning signals.

8) Lack of financial control. 

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Deliver The Ultimate Experience with Customer Service Center Services

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular service architecture.

2) Integrates the entire customer service supply chain.

3) Developed by industry experts.

4) Integrated with ERP, CRM and unstructured data feeds.

5) Ready-to-use customizable dash boards and reports.

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