Embed AI/ML enabled Web Services in your Software and Apps  

Paskon's AI/ML powered solutions and algorithms can be embedded in your apps to provide intelligent and contextual insights to your users

Streamline your Apps with our Web Services

Our Pi Platform enabled software and solutions can be consumed using subscription based web services and also provide a scalable AI-ML enabled platform to develop and extend Web applications and services 

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Business Challenges Encountered 

How do I extend the life of my existing software assets?

How can I enable applications that provide insights to control costs and fraudulent claims?

How do I retain and grow my customer-base? 

How can I provide visibility across my processes?

How do I increase my Profitability?

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Enhance UX Experience with Our Solutions

Real-time, intuitive and visually rich data

A cloud-based solution integrates with your existing web apps

Reporting tools powered by AI for quick decisions

Outcome-defined workflows to help you track key KPIs

Enables mobile digital apps for on demand anywhere access to process execution and information

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