Translating Business Insights Through

Paskon's Reporting Services

Paskon's reporting service provides deeper insights from both structured and unstructured data. It is fully scalable and modular in its architecture. Using an agile framework, it provides robust reporting and analytics techniques that assist businesses in automating and streamlining their processes.  

Make Smart Decisions with Paskon's Reporting Services

1) Increased communication and productivity

2) Improved planning, forecasting and financial close process  

3) Real time reporting for enhanced decision-making

4) Predictive analysis features and what-if analysis for faster corrective actions

5) Flexible deployment in the cloud

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Business Challenges Encountered 

1) Delivering self-service reporting/ analysis

2) Reporting/analyzing across multiple systems

3) Uncovering data buried in systems

4) Reducing the cost of producing reports

5) Delivering Mobile BI

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Delivering Critical Information that impacts Decision makers

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular reporting methodology.

2) Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports.

3) Improved customer loyalty, product quality and brand image

4) Predictive reports to increase performance across various dimensions 

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