Paskon's Aerospace Warranty Management Solution

Paskon's Warranty Management Solutions – Aerospace provides bespoke solutions to aircraft or aircraft manufacturers for the management of their warranties and guarantees assigned to their aircraft, engines and component programs. Aerospace Warranty Management Solution will bring to you a vast range of experience from the international MRO sector, having previously worked with all the major OEMS. 

Key Industry Trends

·          Fast warranty service for Seller Furnished Equipment (SFE) and Buyers Furnished Equipment (BFE)

·          Repair Warranty for APU, Engines and BFE

·          Management of lump-sum credit to aerospace operator

·          Better control on nose to tail spare parts

·          Retention of customer and offering extended warranty policy

·          Identification of fraudulent claims

·          Early warning and minimization of recalls

·          Six sigma in warranty processing

·          Uniquely designed solution for aerospace industries

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Business Challenges

  • Unique solutions

  • Comprehensive aviation liability covers aviation product liability and includes grounding and past production, hangar keepers liability, extended product liability, recall costs, etc.

  • Zero down catastrophic aviation accidents

  • Defects visibility

  • Recovery of costs from suppliers

  • Lack of integration among various aerospace and aerospace operator’s systems

  • Non-availability of analytical and predictive analytical reports


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Solution Overview

1) Leverages Paskon's deep aerospace experience and industry expertise.

2) Reports and analytics are delivered on the SAP HANA platform to boost real time operations.

3) Simple and rapid implementation that gives a modular, scalable and cost effective solution

4) Integrates seamlessly with multiple sources of aerospace manufacturers and operators.

5) Simplified data integration

6) Predictive analysis that is equipped with customizable and ready models with early warning mechanism

7) Risk analysis

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Solution Components

1) Single platform for multichannel interactions e.g., OEM, airlines, air navigators, ground handlers, MROs, industrial aids and refuellers.

2) Expertise in multi-complex challenges in aerospace warranties.

3) Automated and machine learning-based claim processing

4) Real time reports, analytics and predictive analytics.

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Our Process

1) Secure, multi-channel complaint/issue/claims collection module

2) Registration module – automated and linked with sales

3) Claim processing, analysis and exception handling

4) Warranty management – rules and policies

5) Repair order, diagnostics and decisions

6) Parts return and tracking

7) Supplier recovery

8) Settlement and recovery

9) Warranty analytics and reporting

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1) Enables timely processing of claims, which leads to reduction in operational costs.

2) Enables reduction in warranty costs.

3) Improved planning, forecasting and financial close process.

4) Enables real time analytics tools for effective diagnostics and root cause analysis.

5) Predictive analytics for faster corrective actions.

6) Automation in part return process

7) Flexible implementation process

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